Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Goodwill and Indeed Aim for 1 Million New Jobs

In its nearly 120-year existence, Goodwill Industries International, Inc. has sought to break down barriers and provide job opportunities to people across the country and around the world. Through its initiatives, the organization helped nearly 22 million people in 2020. The year before, the group announced a partnership with the online job search engine Indeed in order to boost their efforts to help individuals find work, with additional cooperation from major employers like JPMorgan Chase.

The Partnership

Both Goodwill and Indeed share the same goals in that both hope to connect job seekers with sustainable employment. In teaming up, the two organizations set a goal of placing one million workers in secure jobs by 2024. To reach this goal, Indeed’s job-seeking tools and resources have been implemented throughout Goodwill’s 156 locations in the United States and Canada.

Skills Assessments

First, Goodwill applied an assessment tool available online through Indeed in order to help job seekers better understand their skills. A combination of tests that assess aptitude, personality, and skills gives job seekers the knowledge they need to strengthen their expertise and find roles that are a good match for their specific abilities.

Hiring Events

In addition to giving people more access to personal assessments, Goodwill and Indeed partnered with a number of hiring companies, including JPMorgan Chase. As it emphasizes diversity in hiring, the financial services giant chose to work with Goodwill by organizing Indeed Hiring Events at various locations. By participating in the program, the company accesses a diverse pool of candidates, including veterans and neurodiverse individuals.


Finally, Goodwill’s partnership with Indeed also opened the door to more training opportunities for job seekers. Those who go to Goodwill to search for employment have the option to use Indeed’s training tools and build on their existing skill sets to improve their job options.

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