Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Goodwill and Indeed Aim for 1 Million New Jobs

In its nearly 120-year existence, Goodwill Industries International, Inc. has sought to break down barriers and provide job opportunities to people across the country and around the world. Through its initiatives, the organization helped nearly 22 million people in 2020. The year before, the group announced a partnership with the online job search engine Indeed in order to boost their efforts to help individuals find work, with additional cooperation from major employers like JPMorgan Chase.

The Partnership

Both Goodwill and Indeed share the same goals in that both hope to connect job seekers with sustainable employment. In teaming up, the two organizations set a goal of placing one million workers in secure jobs by 2024. To reach this goal, Indeed’s job-seeking tools and resources have been implemented throughout Goodwill’s 156 locations in the United States and Canada.

Skills Assessments

First, Goodwill applied an assessment tool available online through Indeed in order to help job seekers better understand their skills. A combination of tests that assess aptitude, personality, and skills gives job seekers the knowledge they need to strengthen their expertise and find roles that are a good match for their specific abilities.

Hiring Events

In addition to giving people more access to personal assessments, Goodwill and Indeed partnered with a number of hiring companies, including JPMorgan Chase. As it emphasizes diversity in hiring, the financial services giant chose to work with Goodwill by organizing Indeed Hiring Events at various locations. By participating in the program, the company accesses a diverse pool of candidates, including veterans and neurodiverse individuals.


Finally, Goodwill’s partnership with Indeed also opened the door to more training opportunities for job seekers. Those who go to Goodwill to search for employment have the option to use Indeed’s training tools and build on their existing skill sets to improve their job options.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

How a Coalition Improves Opportunities for Women in Health Care


As part of Goodwill International Industries, Inc. initiative to assist individuals with finding sustainable employment, the organization has teamed up with the Anthem Foundation, a philanthropic division of health benefits company Anthem, Inc. Together, the two companies hope to provide services to female healthcare professionals that will allow them to claim jobs in the healthcare industry.

Rising Together

The partnership between Goodwill and the Anthem Foundation established the Rising Together coalition and its offshoot, Goodwill Healthcare CareerLaunch. Through these initiatives, the companies expect to train 1,700 job seekers, primarily women, and assist them in finding work over the next two years.

The Anthem Foundation’s Contribution

An organization dedicated to advancing communities and enhancing lives, the Anthem Foundation invests in social programs that promote equity among citizens around the country. Anthem plans to contribute $750,000 to Rising Together, which will go toward retaining resources and funding training for participating job seekers. 

Goodwill’s Services

For its part, Goodwill intends to host job training specific to the healthcare industry. Eight Goodwill organizations across the country will be a part of the initial cohort, including locations in Georgia, California, and Tennessee. The training will focus on providing job seekers the tools they need to pursue careers as phlebotomists, nursing assistants, and other healthcare positions that pay up to $19 per hour.

Additionally, Goodwill seeks to assist those in need of additional services, such as child care, housing, and transportation. Primarily, these services benefit women, who disproportionately carry the responsibility for family and child care. 

More about Rising Together

Other organizations involved in the Rising Together coalition include Google, Indeed, Lyft, and Coursera. They will award scholarships to qualifying job seekers, looking to boost skilled employment across a variety of industries, including health care.

Monday, October 18, 2021

American Heart Association Teaches CPR to Save Lives


In 1924 six cardiologists established the American Heart Association (AHA) to find new ways to treat heart disease and stroke. Since its inception, the organization has developed several programs to educate and spread the word about heart disease and related conditions, including cardiac arrest, which results in 475,000 deaths each year. As part of its efforts, the AHA offers training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) through its Emergency Cardiovascular Care program. 

Goals of CPR Training

Every year, the AHA trains over 23 million people worldwide in CPR. The procedure can provide life-saving measures in the event of cardiac arrest. By training healthcare providers as well as members of the public to perform this service, the American Heart Association hopes to increase the chances that an individual who experiences cardiac arrest survives even if it happens outside of a hospital.

How to Get Trained

Those interested in learning about and becoming certified in CPR can seek out AHA classes or training centers all over the world. Additionally, employers may choose to set up training sessions for employees. Often, schools organize CPR training through the AHA for faculty, staff, and students. The AHA also offers a CPR in Schools Training Kit designed specifically for helping students learn CPR. Using the kit, educators can coach 10 to 20 students during a single class period.

Who Are the Trainers?

Individuals who have already obtained CPR training may opt to become an instructor for the AHA’s CPR classes. To do so, they must turn in an application, exhibit their proficiency in the discipline, take a dedicated course, and complete monitored teaching sessions. 

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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Boys & Girls Clubs Partnership Aims to Stop Bullying and Judgement

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America originated in 1860 to help young people in Hartford, Connecticut, build character and find safe alternatives to the streets. Today, the organization continues supporting young people nationwide through programs and partnerships, like the one they’ve launched with Planet Fitness. 

In 2016 Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Planet Fitness launched Judgement Free Generation, an initiative meant to reduce instances of bullying and judgement and boost acceptance in America’s youth. To reach its goal, the program awards scholarships to deserving young people, hosts training sessions, and offers judgement-free fitness centers to members of regional clubs.


To promote kindness and acceptance, each year Planet Fitness awards $5,000 scholarships to 30 active members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America who exhibit the values of the Judgement Free Generation initiative. Qualified candidates must demonstrate how they’ve spread goodwill among their peers while also preventing bullying and judgement. High school seniors involved with their local Club who wish to apply must receive a recommendation from a Club staff member, complete an essay, and fulfill certain other academic and eligibility requirements.

Training Sessions

The initiative provides training sessions meant to equip both students and Boys & Girls Clubs of America staff members with the tools they need to promote acceptance and end bullying. Through these sessions, the program has reached upwards of 1,200 Club members.

Judgement Free Zones

As part of its partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Planet Fitness built fitness centers within certain Clubs around the country. To date, the initiative has established 30 Judgement Free Zone fitness centers. Young people who belong to participating Clubs can work out at these fitness centers without fear of judgement.