Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Triple Play: Three Essential Lessons for Healthy, Active Kids

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) operate in communities all across the country with the aim to provide youth with the tools they need to succeed in school and in life. As part of that goal, the organization provides a variety of programs for children and young adults, including Triple Play: A Game for Mind, Body, and Soul. The initiative emphasizes health and wellness education for kids and teenagers.

With the objective of teaching lessons that promote healthy living, BGCA partnered with Anthem Foundation, the philanthropic division of Anthem, Inc., in 2005. Together, the organizations designed Triple Play as a way to deliver comprehensive wellness education to young people in three parts. 

Mind: Healthy Habits

The first component of the Triple Play curriculum covers healthy habits. This section covers the psychological elements involved in making healthy choices, such as eating well and being active. The course incorporates positive modeling that shows students how to make better choices. It also introduces nutrition education and exercises that help students understand how to follow healthy behaviors.

Body: Physical Activity

Next, Triple Play encourages physical activity through daily challenges. As part of this component of the program, students not only take part in physical activities, but earn a level of physical literacy as well. This includes strengthening their abilities in basic fitness and movement, building confidence in sporting skills, and motivating them to stay active throughout their lives.

Soul: Healthy Relationships 

Finally, the Triple Play initiative focuses on what it calls “social recreation.” Kids who participate in the program learn how to create and keep healthy relationships with others and with themselves, while also discovering how to make responsible decisions and regulate their emotions. The activities and materials intend to help students develop the social, emotional, and behavioral skills they need to live healthy, productive lives and get along with their peers. 

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