Monday, January 4, 2021

This Is How the Boys and Girls Clubs of America Promotes Fitness

Boys and Girls Club of America
The Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) has spent more than 150 years providing kids of all backgrounds with access to the resources they need to lead successful lives. Aside from its focus on academics and leadership, the organization also helps kids and teens achieve their potential by promoting fitness from a young age.

To this end, BGCA operates several programs aimed at keeping youths fit, minimizing their stress, and bonding with their peers:  



With support from sponsor Buffalo Wild Wings, BGCA runs the ALL STARS sports league. It encourages kids between the ages of 6 and 18 to play flag football, soccer, and basketball.

Over a quarter of a million Club members played on ALL STARS teams in 2018, building teamwork skills and learning about good sportsmanship along the way. These teams also give kids a structured environment in which they can make friends and stay active.


2. Triple Play

Marketed as “a game plan for the mind, body and soul,” Triple Play has advocated for good nutrition and physical activity among its Club youth since 2005. This program takes a multi-faceted approach to its mission.

By emphasizing health habits, Triple Play helps kids cultivate better health behaviors and teaches them about nutrition. The program also focuses on social recreation as a way of fostering both behavioral development among Club youth. Lastly, Triple Play uses daily challenges to motivate kids to get active and enhance their physical abilities.


In partnership with the MLB, BGCA’s PLAY BALL program gets Club youth involved in baseball and softball. Whether they play in a league or just for fun, members learn the basics of these sports while participating in a fun, new physical activity.


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