Friday, February 3, 2017

The AUA Annual Meeting Provides Invaluable Information

An accomplished pharmaceutical physician, Dr. Erol Onel serves as a vice president of Heron Therapeutics in California. In this capacity, he provides scientific leadership to the company and attends meetings to develop clinical plans and strategies. Dr. Erol Onel has been a member of several professional organizations over the years, including the American Urological Association (AUA).

Since 1902, the AUA has been using research and education to promote the highest standards of clinical care. One of the organization’s premier educational and networking events is the AUA Annual Meeting. As the world’s largest gathering of urologists, the AUA Annual Meeting provides attendees with access to groundbreaking research, information about advances in neurological medicine, and details about new guidelines pertaining to the field.

The 2017 AUA Annual Meeting will be the event’s 112th. Scheduled from May 12 to 16, the event will be held in Boston and continue the meeting’s legacy of providing invaluable information to attendees. Urologic health care professionals and urologists from around the world are encouraged to attend. This year’s meeting is expected to feature more programming and educational offerings than meetings in the past, and the organization hopes that attendance will exceed the over 16,000 figure for the 2016 meeting.

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